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For flights exceeding 750 miles or so the speed and efficiency of the Lear 35 is unsurpassed. I can now efficiently accomplish in a day what previously took two or three. I’ve looked at many a corporate jet program and finally, someone has figured out how to make corporate aircraft travel affordable while maintaining the standards we have come to expect.

Tom C.

If I flew commercial, I would have to usually fly out the night before, and be one night away from my family, do a hearing, and probably not get back until the following day or late that night—two days out of work for a 20-minute hearing.

It makes more sense to charter and get back to work and to be with family—MERLIN1 is more value!

Michael C.

​Since joining the program, I have spent considerably less time in airports, I arrive relaxed and energetic to my meetings, and am able to return to my office in time to finish up the day. The planes are great, pilots are wonderful, as is Julie. Flying a Learjet has been such an enjoyable experience that each time I board, I want to just keep flying and never land!

Jimmie L.

We spend more time on our projects using MERLIN1 and be home at a reasonable time in the evening to have dinner with our families.

Randy P.

The MERLIN1 team are consummate professionals who make sure everything is taken care of.  WE ARE HOOKED!

John H.

I use MERLIN1 for several reasons. I really don’t have the time or inclination to waste an hour or two each way while waiting at the airport when traveling commercial. I also don’t care to be patted down like a criminal prior to boarding a commercial flight. Often, my wife travels with me, I can tell you that she surely did not care for the pat-down at the airport. I can safely travel during the work day and be home in the evening to enjoy time with my wife and family—that time is very special to me. These are some of the reasons I have chosen MERLIN1, and I do have a choice of whom to fly with.

Gary B.